Anastasia Theodoridou
Co-founder / Co-owner

Under the responsibilities of the General Management and the management of the secretarial support sector, Anastasia designs, controls and organizes the company so that it operates in a coordinated manner and serves the needs of its customers, as they are formed in a modern and constantly changing environment and professional landscape.

Giannis Giovanis
Co-founder / Co-owner

Under the responsibilities of General management and the management of the office and IT technical support services and network trainings, configures and controls the network infrastructure to ensure the security and smooth operation of beeasy, but also of the companies that trust us the Outsourcing technical support of their network infrastructure  as well.

Χαρά Γκουμάση

Hara Goumasi
Project Manager IT support and Training, Head of purchase dpt  

Άκης Πυράκης

Aris Pyrakis
Team Leader of virtual secretaries and Head of personnel training dpt

Αναστασία Γιολδάση

Anastasia Gioldasi
Account Manager, vitrual secretaries

Δήμητρα Λεμονιά

Dimitra Lemonia
Account Manager, virtual assistants

Company’s Human Resources in numbers:

Beeasy Team, #beeasyteam, follows several evaluations and trainings in communication techniques and management of inbound calls, but also in technical support of networks and  technological infrastructures.

In beeasy our main goal is to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards our people and to remain the first choice throughout their professional career.

We stand beside them and support their professional development along the way, as we do with our clients.

21 Agents
4 Virtual Assistants
3 Network administrators