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Our company name came from the union of the words be + easy and reflects the motto of our company, to be able to make life easier for freelancers and businesses by undertaking outsourcing secretarial support, either as virtual assistants or in the field of inbound call management or in the part of technical support concerning the company’s infrastructure, call center, networks and security.

At the same time, the name “beeasy” refers to the bee, a symbol of hard work, dedication and teamwork, which are the important values based on which we work for our customers.

Our name could be said to be similar to “busy” indicating that we address and offer secretarial and technical support to busy professionals, with the promise that we will make their work and daily life easy by offering modern high quality solutions.

Our symbol is the hive, the place where the result of the good work we provide on behalf of our customers is stored. At the same time, the cells reflect all the services we offer both in terms of secretariat and technical support, as well as in security and training through seminars for wireless and wired networks.

In conclusion, our basic motto… “making busy life easy” shows our purpose and what our customers will gain above all.

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